Why You Should Get Multiple Quotes for Your Walk-in Tub Project

Keep yourself from getting soaked by getting several quotes on your walk-in bathtub upgrade.

Whether it's for a health condition, pure convenience, or the later season of life, some homeowners may be considering a walk-in tub. These tubs allow folks with limited mobility to bathe comfortably and confidently. But, while they're all about convenience, installing them takes some knowledge and know-how. If the homeowner hires the wrong contractor, their walk-in tub project could be a fail.

Homeowners who want to avoid that failure can employ a useful tactic: Getting several quotes for their walk-in tub project. They can find the right contractor, the best materials, and the price that fits their budget, helping to ensure their walk-in tub project goes as smoothly as possible. And those aren't the only benefits to shopping for quotes - we'll go over some of the others in this guide.

The Benefits of Getting Multiple Walk-in Tub Quotes

Walk-in tubs might be specialized features, but getting multiple quotes is just as important as with any other construction project. The following includes some of the most significant benefits of shopping for walk-in tub quotes.

1. Homeowners Get a Better Understanding of the Project

Walk-in tub installations are specialized projects. Even some of the most construction-experienced homeowners might not understand what goes into a successful installation. But, shopping for walk-in tub quotes will help them gain that understanding.

After a homeowner collects walk-in tub quotes, they'll have a few in hand to analyze. They'll be able to compare the line items, going over the components, techniques, and additional equipment that a walk-in tub project might require. For example, most walk-in tubs hold 60 gallons of water, while common water heaters typically hold 50 gallons of water. The homeowner might not realize the water heater needs an upgrade until they see it in a quote.

But it might seem like getting just one quote should do the trick, but that's not the case with walk-in tubs. There is often more than one way to handle a construction project, and by getting quotes from multiple contractors, homeowners may be able to uncover them all. They'll be able to choose which method and materials fit their project the best.

2. They'll Get to Know the Contractors

The work involved in a walk-in tub project might not rival a kitchen renovation or an addition, but it will take at least a few days. That's a lot of time spent with a contractor or its representatives, and it would be nice to get to know them and how they work before signing the contract.

That's one of the biggest benefits of getting several quotes. Homeowners will get the chance to see how contractors operate, allowing them to make a decision with a contractor that makes them feel comfortable. For instance, a contractor that takes the time to get to know the customer and their needs for their walk-in tub project before sending in a quote will typically be a joy to work with. However, contractors who rush the customer through the quote process and submit a poorly-written quote are likely worth avoiding.

3. It's an Opportunity to Compare Materials

The quote process also gives the homeowner the opportunity to compare materials. Most walk-in tub contractors carry material samples with them to explain the differences between acrylic, fiberglass, and steel. Homeowners can then compare these materials to choose the one they like the most, as well as the color and finish.

It's also a homeowner's right to know where the contractor is buying materials for their project. But, the catch is that the contractor doesn't have to tell the homeowner unless they ask. For homeowners who do ask, they can get a look at the contractor's supply chain. They can even ask for multiple quotes from the same contractor based on the prices at different supply houses.

And, the homeowner doesn't have to have every minor detail nailed down to start the project. For instance, if they don't know which faucet and shower trim they're going to choose, they can request that the quote contain a contractor's allowance. This is a line item that the homeowner can assign a value to, but leave the details out temporarily. As an example, a homeowner might not know which showerhead they'd like. They can leave a contractor's allowance not to exceed $100.

4. The Homeowner Can Compare Finish Levels

Walk-in tubs come in some very distinctive finish levels, from basic soaker tubs to large, two-person spas. A homeowner can ask for quotes covering all of the different finish levels in order to compare prices and materials.

For instance, walk-in tubs come in basic or entry-level tubs that the user can simply bathe in. There aren't any jets or extra fixtures, and these tubs tend to start at around $2,000. But, there are upgraded tubs with hydrotherapy and aromatherapy jets that circulate water, and they tend to cost between $3,000 and $8,000. Two-person tubs, and tubs designed for wheelchair access, may include therapeutic jets or other features, and they can cost as much as $20,000.

By getting multiple quotes for their walk-in tub project, homeowners can compare the different finish levels and find one that works for their needs. Spending too much for features they don't need doesn't make sense, but neither does starting a large project and the homeowner not getting the features they really want.

5. Homeowners Can Become Educated Consumers

Homeowners who'd like to protect themselves from getting taken for a ride - but still need a walk-in tub - can become educated consumers by getting multiple quotes. By comparing five or six quotes, they can determine which techniques and materials the contractors are suggesting.

For example, a homeowner is in need of a walk-in tub, so they start collecting tub quotes. Upon review, all of the quotes are similar but one. This one outlier doesn't contain some of the same items as the other quotes. Is this due to an oversight or inexperience? Or does the contractor know something that no one else does?

The same may apply to a quote that contains more items than the other. Is this contractor simply trying to take the customer for a ride, or do they know something about the product or installation and no one else is aware?

The only way to notice these (sometimes) little discrepancies is to have other quotes to compare them to. Without them, the first quote may look complete despite missing important line items, causing a potential issue for the customer and contractor.

6. The Homeowner Can Save Money

As is the case when shopping for anything, taking the time to compare prices and quotes can lead to saving money on a walk-in tub project. Homeowners should know that contractors often mark up their materials or labor costs to provide a bit of negotiation wiggle room. Getting multiple quotes gives the homeowner some leverage.

By having multiple quotes in hand, homeowners can compare the different line items and find the most inflated values. This could be excessive costs for components, labor rates, or the tub itself.

By having these quotes and pinpointing the pumped-up values, they can negotiate with the contractor they actually want to work with for a better price. The contractor may have to tighten its profit margins, shop for cheaper materials, or move the project off to slower times when they need to fill the gaps. Either way, by shopping for multiple walk-in bath quotes before signing on the dotted line, the potential to save money on the project is real.

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