The Benefits of Multiple Quotes for Roofing Projects

Your home's roof is a critical investment. Approach this project wisely by getting several roofing quotes.

Roofs aren't typically flashy or overly exciting, but they play a critical role in protecting the homes they cover. They make the house watertight, protect against UV damage, and even offer a bit of style. They also fail over time, requiring homeowners to hire a roofing contractor every 20 or so years to replace their shingles.

While it might seem that a roof is a roof, and that it isn't necessary to shop around, this couldn't be further from the truth. Homeowners should get several roofing quotes before deciding on a contractor, and this guide will explain why.

How You Can Benefit From Multiple Roofing Quotes

Put plainly, getting multiple quotes for a roofing project is always a smart idea. The following are some of the most significant benefits a homeowner may realize if they collect a few quotes during the planning phase of their roofing project.

1. Gaining Insight on the Job

Some homeowners might not have a lot of knowledge about construction or roofing. While they might've chosen to specialize in other fields, this inexperience can put them at a disadvantage when it comes to a roofing project. The good news? Getting multiple quotes will help.

When a homeowner collects quotes from multiple roofing contractors, they'll have the opportunity to understand the job better. They'll be able to compare the line items that each contractor includes and gain a better overall picture of what the job entails, and it could be items they never expected. For example, if a contractor has to replace some sheathing underneath the roof before they can install the new roof shingles, the quote will explain it. It will also include any ice shield or roofing paper that might be necessary - two things not seen from the ground.

While it might seem that getting just one quote should explain it all, that's not the case. There are usually at least a few ways to handle a job, and by getting quotes from several contractors, the homeowner might be able to discern what those methods are. They can then make a better-informed decision on which contractor to choose or which directions they want the project to head.

2. Becoming Familiar with the Contractors

While it's undoubtedly hard work, roofing jobs are some of the quickest remodeling projects to complete. Even so, there will be a crew of folks on-site for at least a few days. And the homeowner may spend quite a bit of time picking out shingles and comparing grades with the contractor. Before diving into this relationship with the contractor, wouldn't it make sense to get to know them first?

In many cases, the time to get to know a contractor is while collecting quotes. Contractors who take the time to get to know their customers and their needs during this phase will typically be enjoyable to work with. Contractors who don't listen and rush the customer through the quoting process will only worsen when they secure the job. When that's the case, most homeowners regret not getting multiple quotes before starting the project.

3. Comparing Materials and Suppliers

Roofs are pretty simple, but there are a few different types of shingles, and they range in quality. If a homeowner has a few quotes in hand, they'll be able to compare those products and their quality, ensuring they get exactly the type of roof they want and within their budget.

It's also a homeowner's right to know where a contractor is getting materials for their job. However, contractors don't have to offer this information until the homeowner asks. Savvy homeowners who ask this question during the quote phase will get a better look at the contractor's supply chain, and they can even request quotes from multiple supply houses. More than anything else, this can lessen the risk of a supply chain shortage derailing the job and pushing out the timeline.

And, for items that aren't entirely ironed out, homeowners can include a contractor's allowance in the quote. This is a line item with a specific value attached but without the final details. This can allow the contractor to move on with the roofing project while they work with the homeowner to find the right product.

4. Comparing Levels or Grades

Believe it or not, roofing material does come in grades or quality levels. And those grades vary in price and quality. If a homeowner gets several quotes, they'll be able to compare the pricing and quality differences between levels.

For example, entry-level roofing might include three-tab asphalt shingles. They provide basic protection but aren't overly strong or aesthetically pleasing, but they cost around $40 per square (or 100 square feet). Mid-grade materials may include architectural shingles, which are thicker, tougher, and create a bit of texture on a roof, though they cost more at around $70 per square. On the higher end of the scale, items like replica cedar shake or slate shingles made from asphalt, as well as metal roofing, might be on the table, each of which can cost more than $100 per square.

Note: Metal roofs aren't sold in squares, but it's a helpful reference.

Almost all roofing brands offer shingles on each level, including GAF, Certainteed, and Owens Corning. For metal roofs, look for companies like Custom Bilt, Metal Sales Manufacturing, and MCBI.

By having multiple quotes in hand to compare these products and their pricing, the homeowner can select a material that fits the budget and meets their desires.

5. Becoming an Educated Consumer

The best thing a consumer can do to shop wisely is educate themselves, and getting multiple quotes will help. By looking over each quote in the pile, the homeowner will be able to see what each contractor believes to be necessary to tackle the roofing project. Anything that stands out from the quotes can be a clue.

As an example, let's say a roofing contractor left some items off a quote that all the other quotes included. This could be because the contractor is inexperienced or that they made a simple mistake. It may also be that this contractor's years of experience tell them the job doesn't require a particular material. In either case, it may be worth asking about.

But the problem is that a homeowner will only catch these small details if they have the quotes in hand to compare. Without them, they might not know who lacks experience or who has it.

6. Saving Money

Contractors will often mark their materials up a bit to pad their profit and provide a little room for negotiation. Sometimes, the only way to knock those prices down is to get multiple roofing quotes.

When a homeowner has several quotes to choose from, they're able to leverage them against each other in hopes of lowering the price. The homeowner may be able to pinpoint inflated labor rates, excessive markup, or even overly optimistic timelines. They can then use these pumped-up values to whittle down the price with the contractor they actually want to work with. All because they took a bit of extra time during the planning phase.

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