The Benefits of Shopping for Bathroom Remodeling Quotes

Between the plumbing, fixtures, and finishes, bathroom renovations can be big jobs. Make sure to approach yours with as much information as possible.

A bathroom can be a place of rest and relaxation. Between a comfortable shower or bathtub, high-end fixtures, and luxurious finishes, even a smaller bathroom can offer a spa-like vibe. However, for most folks, renovating a bathroom to the point that it rivals the amenities of a local country club can be a huge undertaking, and it’s best left to a qualified contractor.

How do you find the right contractor for your bathroom project, though? By asking for quotes, of course. The following include some of the largest benefits of shopping for multiple quotes on a bathroom renovation. 

The Benefits of Getting Quotes for a Bathroom Project

There are a lot of great reasons to shop for quotes for a bathroom renovation. Between gaining some insight into how the job is done, saving money, and many more benefits, it makes sense to spend time gathering these quotes before the project starts. 

1. Gaining a Better Understanding of the Scope

In most cases, homeowners don’t have a clear grasp of what a bathroom renovation entails. They’ll see the surface details like tiles and faucets, but they might not know what goes on inside the walls and floors. Collecting several quotes will help bring some clarity to their ideas.

Getting quotes from contractors will help explain the scope of work to the homeowner. If plumbing pipes need removing or replacing, or a wall needs framing, the quote will explain it. While it’s unlikely that a quote will go into every minor, itemized detail, it will provide a helpful overall view of the project.

But why won’t just one quote do? There is usually more than one way to tackle a project, and collecting several quotes might uncover them all. With these quotes in hand, the homeowner will have a better idea of which direction they’d like the project to go, and what that will entail.

2. Becoming Familiar with Contractors

A bathroom renovation takes time. When a homeowner decides on a contractor, they’ll be spending a lot of time with them through the planning, permitting, construction, and finishing processes. Wouldn’t it be great to have an idea of who this person or company is before signing the contract?

Receiving quotes from contractors gives homeowners a small glimpse into what working with that contractor is like. Contractors who take the time to get to know the homeowner and submit a professional-looking quote in a timely manner are typically great to work with. On the other hand, a contractor who communicates poorly or doesn’t treat prospective clients respectfully won’t get better once they land the job—the issues usually compound.

3. Comparing Materials and Their Sources

From a distance, a window is a window, and a tile is a tile. However, there are varying levels of quality involved in the materials chosen for a bathroom renovation, and it’s important to ensure the contractor is quoting the job for the materials the homeowner actually wants.

By requesting quotes from several contractors, the homeowner has the ability to review the materials each company is suggesting. This helps the homeowner to compare not only the price but also the quality, allowing them to decide which company is offering the most value.

Also, contractors might try to keep their materials suppliers close to their chest, but homeowners have a right to know. Homeowners who request this information will have a better picture of the contractor’s supply chain. They can also ask for quotes from several supply houses to reduce the risk of a specialty material running out and the contractor delaying the job.

There’s one more thing: If you don’t like the contractor’s price on a particular item, or you’re not 100% sure which finish or fixture you’re going with, you can work a builder’s allowance into the quote. A builder’s allowance is a line item that a homeowner can assign a value to, but leave the specifics out until later. Just be sure that the builder’s allowance matches your budget. 

4. Comparing Fixtures

Basic building materials aside, there is a lot of time and money involved in the fixture selection for a bathroom project. Sinks, toilets, faucets, shower doors, and showerheads are available in different tiers based on price and quality (and ultimately, availability). And comparing several quotes (sometimes from the same contractor) can detail the difference.

Builder-grade or contractor-grade fixtures typically involve basic faucets, vanity cabinets made from particleboard, vinyl flooring, and other highly available but relatively underwhelming materials. Mid-level finishes might include entry-level tile, plywood cabinets, stone countertops, and tiled shower surrounds. When it comes to high-end, luxury-level finishes, expect marble or other top-tier tiles and counters, solid wood cabinets, multiple showerheads or jets, full-glass shower doors, and toilets with built-in features like bidets and self-cleaning modes.

Homeowners can certainly mix and match these grades, it’s true. But, being able to compare them and their prices, and even discuss availability before signing a contract will put them in the driver’s seat of their own bathroom renovation. They can request builder-grade cabinets with high-end tile, or simply opt for a luxurious toilet while keeping everything else basic. 

5. Staying Educated

Imagine a job where the contractor is frequently going to the homeowner with an issue. They don’t have enough materials to finish the bathroom, the scope has to change due to an unforeseen plumbing issue, or a number of other complications that can come up through a job. It sounds like a nightmare, but it was probably avoidable.

By collecting several quotes, homeowners will be able to compare what each contractor believes is necessary to complete their bathroom renovation. While there are several ways to handle most jobs, if a given contractor is omitting items while all the others are including them, it could be a sign. It may be that this contractor is short on experience or that they’d prefer to upsell these aspects of the job as emergencies later down the road.

Smart homeowners who have several quotes to compare can avoid these contractors, opting for more seasoned or upfront companies instead.

6. Saving Money

There can be a lot of markup in materials or labor in bathroom renovations, and contractors will often inflate their prices slightly in preparation for some bargaining. One of the biggest benefits of collecting several quotes is the ability to whittle away a bit at those inflated prices.

Homeowners that receive multiple quotes for their bathroom project are able to leverage those quotes against each other. They can identify materials pricing fluctuations, labor rates, and even timelines, and then use that information to request lower prices from other contractors. In the end, this method can save the homeowner quite a bit of money, and it’s all because they took their time to collect quotes before the project even started. 

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